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Truck Driver Drift Racing 2016


Sit behind steering wheel for truck drift racing against opponents on the circuit race track. Truck Driver Drift Racing 2016 offers you realistic 3D simulation with intense car drifting gameplay.Heat up the big wheels of your monster truck in the epic drift mania. Truck Driver Drift Racing 2016 gives you chance to become real drifter. Tuning your sports car driver skills on these dirt race trucks to mark your name in truck driving simulator 2016. Incredible truck drifting; overdrive in tyres smoke to hot pursuit the racing rivals. Real challenge is to camber & do perfect deep drifts on the asphalt racetrack. Slip sideways to escape hitting with other furious nitro racing cars. High speed drift; sprint, slide and drag the turbo engine in 3D racing simulator like never before.
Epic drift mania; gear up your driver skills to rash & crash the rivals. Haul your vehicle on high speed circuit tracks at city stadium. Race against time and do some extreme drifting to cover laps in set time limit. Boost the racer thrill; crash and smash opponent cars. Overdrive your supercharged vehicle to reach the check point. Be furious drifter; do camber and circuit drifting to set tyres smoke on dirt track Handling ck with high speed car racer. Haul like a pro driver to win top position and become legetop speed trucks is tough than car driving. Feel the nonstop freeride fun and sounds of tires on asphalt strands of incredible speed drift challenge.
Challenging Drifting Terrain ZoneRealistic Turbo drift engineKnockout, circuit Race & Time track driftingReal driving physics & smooth brake controlsHigh quality 3d graphics & turbo sounds